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Package Namekobo
SummaryPython modules for tools development
DescriptionKobo is a set of python modules designed for rapid tools development.
Built bydmach
State complete
Volume prod
StartedMon, 11 Feb 2013 13:27:31 UTC
CompletedMon, 11 Feb 2013 13:30:33 UTC
Taskbuild (el6-candidate, /kobo:81c947dff09a18b6ea52283139e733a95b182886)
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Changelog * Mon Feb 11 2013 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.8-1 - Don't catch and mask any exceptions in (Daniel Mach) - Set an empty keyring in rpmlib.get_rpm_header(). (Daniel Mach) - Format Fault's output to be nicer. (Tomas Tomecek) - Display error when cancelling task fails. (Tomas Tomecek) - Fix task cancelation method name. (Tomas Tomecek) - Add pkgset.SimpleRpmWrapper; support pickle by providing __getstate__() and __setstate__() methods. (Daniel Mach) - Enable searching in task list by label. (Tomas Tomecek) - Enable making custom queries in view task_list. (Tomas Tomecek) - Limit value length to 200 characters in tback.Traceback. (Daniel Mach) - Fix email.utils import to work with py2.4. (Daniel Mach) - Backwards compatibility bugfix in hub.models. (Tomas Tomecek) * Wed Jan 16 2013 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.7-1 - Proxy support enhancement (Tomas Mlcoch) - Improve task ordering. (Daniel Mach) - Better formatting in Traceback output. (Tomas Tomecek) - Add JSONField.value_to_string() method. (Tomas Tomecek) - Improve task dir deletion and task files view. (Tomas Tomecek) - allow line buffering for (Tomas Kopecek) - Allow to specify buffer_size in (Daniel Mach) - Add rpmlib.get_changelogs_from_header() and pkgset.RpmWrapper.changelogs. (Daniel Mach) - Support https_proxy environ variable (Tomas Mlcoch) - Create pid file in a more secure way. (Daniel Mach) - Create empty kobo.django.auth.models module to fix crashes in Django 1.4. (Daniel Mach) - Add shortcuts.makedirs() function which is identical to os.makedirs but doesn't fail on existing dirs. (Daniel Mach) - Fix typo in the 404.html template. (Daniel Mach) - Fix traceback on undefined workdir in (Daniel Mach) - Add help-rst command which generates rst documentation for all CommandOptionParser's commands. (Daniel Mach) * Wed Dec 21 2011 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.6-1 - Clarify auth middleware ordering in the hub settings template. (Daniel Mach) - Add kobo.threads -- a simple threading worker pool. (Daniel Mach) - Fix force_list and force_tuple to work with sets. (Daniel Mach) - Implement removing files from a file cache. (Daniel Mach) - Make thread-safe. (Daniel Mach) * Mon Oct 10 2011 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.5-1 - Bump version to 0.3.5. (Daniel Mach) - Return tracebacks in the XML-RPC dispatcher as unicode. (Daniel Mach) - Refactor MainMenu to be Django 1.3 compliant. (Martin Magr) - Make StateEnumField Django 1.2 compliant. (Martin Magr) - Add proxy support to XML-RPC transports. (Daniel Mach) - Cache stat values in FileWrapper objects, add size and mtime properties. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Fix unittest kobo.http for Python 2.4. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Add unit test for kobo.pkgset. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Rename pkgset.FileCache.__get__ to __getitem__. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Add unit test for kobo.http. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Add unit test for kobo.decorators. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Add docstrings to kobo.http. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Add UndoHardlink class to __all__. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Add unit test for kobo.hardlink. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Fix params for os.utime() call in UndoHardlink class. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Fix tback.Traceback to work properly in interpreter. (Tomas Mlcoch) - Use getattr to read Krb5Error.err_code to prevent possible AttributeError in HubProxy. (Daniel Mach) - Add a new task state - CREATED. (Daniel Mach) - Fix templates to work properly in debug mode. (Daniel Mach) - Revamp log downloads - download as a stream, better support for other than .log files, enforce using UPLOAD_DIR in settings. (Daniel Mach) - Delete empty directories on FileUpload.delete(). (Daniel Mach) - Catch an exception when deleting an FileUpload object and target file is missing. (Daniel Mach) - Make sure that xmlrpc.decode_xmlrpc_chunk() won't fail on existing directory. (Daniel Mach) - Run task cleanup and notification for foreground tasks. (Daniel Mach) - Enhance shortcuts.iter_chunks() to work with files. (Daniel Mach) - Upload files in chunks in order to prevent client-side memory issues. (Daniel Mach) - Exclude file uploads from CSRF protection. (Daniel Mach) - Add assertRegexpMatches and assertIsInstance to tback tests to make them work on python < 2.7. (Daniel Mach) - Fix processing unitialized variables in tback. (Martin Bukatovic) - Fix a traceback in kobo-admin start-hub when a project name contained dashes. (Daniel Mach) - Add -tt python interpreter argument to project templates. (Daniel Mach) - Add kobo.rpmlib.parse_evr() to parse E:VR. (Daniel Mach) - Fix parse_nvra() - arch must not contain '-'. (Daniel Mach) - Add missing {{ project_name }} prefix to kobo admin templates. (Daniel Mach) - Start daemons in "/" rather than in working dir. (Daniel Mach) - Add TransactionMiddleware to the hub template's settings. (Daniel Mach) - Add skip_broken argument to PluginContainer.register_module() class method. (Daniel Mach) * Fri Feb 18 2011 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.4-1 - Add kobo.decorators.log_traceback() devel decorator to log function tracebacks to a file. (Daniel Mach) - Fix tback.Traceback for py2.4. (Daniel Mach) * Tue Feb 01 2011 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.3-1 - Replace double underscores with dots in xmlrpc method names. (Daniel Mach) - Fix regex in so unit tests pass. (Daniel Mach) - Fix session handling in worker. (Daniel Mach) - Fix kobo.Traceback to return empty string on no exception. Add traceback tests. (Tomas Kopecek) - Simplify hub deployment (add menu and template to default). Tweak kobo-admin templates. (Daniel Mach) - Add a warning about a possibly read-only database to the worker middleware assert. (Daniel Mach) - Add task notification() and cleanup() class methods. (Daniel Mach) - Revamp hub urls and admin templates. (Daniel Mach) - Prevent a race condition when using CookieTransport in threads in py2.7. (Daniel Mach) - Add unit test for EnumItem.change_state() return value. (Daniel Mach) - StateEnum.change_state() now returns bool as documented. (Martin Magr) - Command argument in can be also a list now. (Daniel Mach) - Strip path from nvr in kobo.rpmlib.parse_nvr() and parse_nvra(). (Daniel Mach) - Exclude XML-RPC from CSRF processing. (Daniel Mach) - Add stdin data support to (Daniel Mach) - Add kobo.shortcuts.iter_chunks() to iterate through a list, string or generator and yield chunks of defined size. (Daniel Mach) - Raise an exception when spawn_subtask() or wait() method is called in a foreground task. (Daniel Mach) - Add constructor to kobo.django.hacks.UserChangeForm to fix maximum recursion depth error. (Daniel Mach) - Fix username max_length hack to work with Django 1.2.1. (Martin Bukatovic) - Add kobo.notification module to send email notifications. (Daniel Mach) - Process logging in chunks and print data immediately. (Daniel Mach) - Subtasks have to follow parent's channel and arch. (Martin Magr) - Compute elapsed time for running tasks. (Tomas Kopecek) * Wed Oct 27 2010 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.2-1 - Fix XML-RPC transports to make them work in py2.5 and py2.6. (Daniel Mach) - Automatically scroll the task log window when we're at the bottom of the page. (Daniel Mach) - Show self.* attributes in extended tracebacks. (Daniel Mach) - Compress logs with gzip when a task finishes. (Daniel Mach) - Convert task logs to utf8 (with "replace" option) to prevent raising UnicodeDecodeError during template processing. (Daniel Mach) * Tue Oct 19 2010 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.1-1 - Add help-admin command to display help for admin commands. (Daniel Mach) - Add config parser support for glob matching on dict keys. (Tomas Kopecek) - Implement timeout support in xmlrpc transports. (Daniel Mach) - Improve kobo.xmlrpc.CookieTransport to work with python 2.7 as well. (Daniel Mach) - Add kobo-admin utility. (Martin Bukatovic) - Add missing HttpResponseForbidden import to kobo.hub.views. (Daniel Mach) - Fix bug in "Show only my tasks" search option on Tasks page. (Daniel Mach) * Fri Aug 13 2010 Daniel Mach <> - 0.3.0-2 - Bump to new upstream version. - Fix kobo.rpmlib.get_digest_algo_from_header() when RPMTAG_FILEDIGESTALGO contains None value. (Daniel Mach) - Pass 'conf' argument do daemonized worker's main_loop. (Daniel Mach) * Mon Feb 15 2010 Daniel Mach <> - 0.2.1-1 - Split rpmlib to a subpackage. - Add missing "compare_nvr" to __all__. (Daniel Mach) - Remove duplicate subtask removal in Task.wait(). (Tomas Kopecek) - Parent task didn't wake up even if all child tasks were finished. (Tomas Kopecek) - Change 'make log' to use C locales and automatically fill name and email from GIT. (Daniel Mach) - Fix spawn_subtask argument. (cherry picked from commit 374a4165c16d6b34fa486a38525753969e549415) (Tomas Kopecek) - Fix XML-RPC method registration. (original patch by Xuqing Kuang) (Daniel Mach) - Convert rpm.labelCompare's arguments to string to prevent segfaulting. Add compare_nvr tests. (Tomas Kopecek) - Add Task.get_time_display() to get time spent in task in human readable form. (Daniel Mach) - Use koji.get_sigpacket_key_id() to read sigkey id from a rpm header. (Daniel Mach) * Thu Nov 05 2009 Daniel Mach <> - 0.2.0-1 - Rewrite menu to get rid of tuples in menu definition. Always use MenuItem classes. (Daniel Mach) - Send task logs to hub to enable realtime log watching. (Daniel Mach) - Add menu_item helper. (Tomas Kopecek) - New version of menu component. (Tomas Kopecek) - Order tasks to assign by priority first. (Daniel Mach) - Fix spacing errors to be more PEP 8 compliant. (Daniel Mach) - Handle SystemExit in TaskManager.run_task(). (Daniel Mach) - Add a shortcut and pkgset support for computing hashlib based hashes. (Daniel Mach) - Add hack enabling 'VERBOSE' log level in the python logging module and Logger class. (Daniel Mach) - Run tests in alphabetical order. (Daniel Mach) - Fix TaskAdmin to search for user in correct db field. (Tomas Kopecek) - More convenient admin listing for Worker model. (Tomas Kopecek) - Add files to cache faster (skip stat call when possible). (Tomas Kopecek) - Remove deps on postgresql, httpd, mod_auth_kerb and python-krbV. - Add AUTHORS, COPYING and LICENSE to kobo.rpm. * Tue Aug 18 2009 Daniel Mach <> - 0.1.2-1 - Read default paginate_by value from settings in kobo.django.views.generic.object_list. (Tomas Kopecek) - Add read_from_file() and rename save() to save_to_file() in kobo.shortcuts. (Daniel Mach) - Reverse FileUpload default ordering. (Daniel Mach) - Add kobo.conf.get_dict_value() to support dicts with default values. (Daniel Mach) - Add direct access to files via pkgset.RpmWrapper. (Tomas Kopecek) - Add documentation to django.auth.krb5. (Daniel Mach) - Fix worker key generation in (Daniel Mach) - Fix a security hole in krb5 middleware: a user was able to log in as different user to admin interface. (Daniel Mach) - Change Makefile to run tests before creating source tarball. (Daniel Mach) - Change HubProxy._hub verification to fix exceptions in Python2.6. (Martin Magr) - Another SQL performance improvement in Task admin. (Tomas Kopecek) - Set Task.parent as raw_id field to improve admin performance. (Daniel Mach) - Add (spent) time method to Task and display it in the admin listing. (Tomas Kopecek) * Fri Jul 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.1.1-2 - Rebuilt for * Wed Jul 22 2009 Daniel Mach <> - 0.1.1-1 - Enhance types.Enum to support help_text and additonal options. Update tests for types module. (Daniel Mach) - Remove temp directory after file upload. (Tomas Kopecek) - Remove MANIFEST in make clean. (Daniel Mach) - Fix to read complete stdout. (Jan Blazek) - Add rpmlib.get_file_list_from_header() which extracts file list, colors and checksums from a rpm header. (Daniel Mach) - Add get_digest_algo_from_header() function to read rpm digest algorithm. (Daniel Mach) - Update epydoc docstrings in kobo.rpmlib. (Daniel Mach) - Fix deadlock in run(). Use proc.poll() instead of proc.wait(). (Daniel Mach) - Update epydoc docstrings in kobo.shortcuts. (Daniel Mach) - Fix AtributeError when active_submenu is None. (Daniel Mach) - Return menu dict even if no menu is active. (Daniel Mach) - Do not allow to register plugins to PluginContainer base class. Add several tests. (Daniel Mach) - Add test runner. (Daniel Mach) - Add support for empty submenus. (Martin Magr) * Wed Jun 17 2009 Daniel Mach <> - 0.1.0-1 - first release