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Package Nameibus-typing-booster
SummaryA completion input method
DescriptionIbus-typing-booster is a context sensitive completion input method to speedup typing.
Built bymfabian
State complete
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StartedTue, 07 Jun 2022 07:23:46 UTC
CompletedTue, 07 Jun 2022 07:35:49 UTC
Taskbuild (f34-candidate, /rpms/ibus-typing-booster.git:69eae4e6a5b9c0c5df9eb349d10d09fdee43f4c1)
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Changelog * Tue Jun 07 2022 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.16.0-1 - Update to 2.16.0 - Make it possible to use inline completion without automatic fallback to a candidate list (Resolves: Now the inline completion option has 3 values: • No • Yes, with fallback to popup • Yes, without fallback to popup When choosing “Yes, with fallback”, the behaviour is as it used to be when the old checkbox was on: the completion is shown inline if this is possible without changing the already typed string in the preedit, if this is not possible, a popup candidate list is automatically shown instead as a fallback. When choosing “Yes without fallback to popup”, a popup candidate list is never shown automatically as a fallback but only when explicitely requested by typing the key bound to the command “select_next_candidate” (By default this is the Tab key). When updating to the new release with this new option, the value of the old checkbox gets lost. I.e. no matter whether the user had the inline completion option checked or not checked before the update, after the update the value for “inline completion” reverts to the default “No”. So if one was using “inline completion” before the update, one has to switch it on again after the update. - Fix itb_emoji.find_cldr_annotation_path() (It always found a match even when the fallback went through all the way to 'en', therefore all dictionaries were shown as supporting emoji in the setup tool) - Update emoji annotations from CLDR (oc.xml is new) - Translation update from Weblate (de (100%), jp (36.9%), nl (100%), pl (100%), tr (100%), uk (100%) updated) * Thu May 12 2022 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.27-1 - Update to 2.15.27 - If an emoji is duplicated as a text candidate, use only the emoji candidate and increase its score (Resolves: - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Translation update from Weblate (sv updated to 100%, sw updated to 100%) * Tue Mar 01 2022 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.25-1 - Update to 2.15.25 - Translation update from Weblate (de, fa, nl, pl, tr, uk updated) - Make emoji and unicode symbol trigger key configurable (Resolves: - Do not commit if a key triggering a commit is swallowed by transliteration (Resolves: - Elide extremly long comments in the lookup table (Resolves: * Sun Feb 27 2022 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.22-1 - Update to 2.15.22 - Translation update from Weblate (ca, de, es, fr, nl, pl, pt, pt_BR, sv, tr, uk, zh_CN, zh_TW updated) - Add a “Restore all defaults” button to the setup tool (Resolves: - Allow capital letters and accents in user shortcuts - Make user shortcuts containing punctuation possible Resolves: - Do not record stuff to user database when itb_util.InputHints.PRIVATE is set - Update emoji annotations from CLDR * Sun Jan 30 2022 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.16-1 - Update to 2.15.16 - Ignore MOD3_MASK (“Usually” Scroll Lock) when matching key bindings (Resolves: - When a Modifier key release matches a hotkey command, return False not True. (Resolves: - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Update UnicodeData.txt UnicodeData-15.0.0d3.txt * Mon Jan 03 2022 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.15-1 - Update to 2.15.15 - Translation update from Weblate (fr updated to 100%) * Mon Jan 03 2022 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.14-1 - Update to 2.15.14 - Update emojione.json file to new version emoji.json (Resolves: - Spellchecking during emoji search only for words with more then 5 letters - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - When emoji search via codepoint matches, increase the score of the code point match (Resolves: - Translation update from Weblate (cs updated) * Tue Nov 23 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.11-1 - Update to 2.15.11 - Use @functools.lru_cache(maxsize=None) decorator for remove_accents() (Makes everything 30% faster) - Add sorting option to tabstatistics - add enchant2 and enchant2-aspell to BuildRequires: * Tue Nov 23 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.7-1 - Update to 2.15.7 - Convert user database context to lower case and accents removed while reading training data - Make the context in the database case insensitive and accent insensitive (Resolves: - Test cases for the sqlite database - Allow cleanup_database() to cleanup an in memory database when doing unit tests - Allow only lower case user shortcuts (Resolves: - Add function to return number of rows in the database for debugging and testing - Allow to read training data from file when database is empty, allow reading from .gz files * Fri Nov 19 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.3-1 - Update to 2.15.3 - Title case all candidates if input_phrase is in title case (Resolves: * Tue Nov 16 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.15.0-1 - Update to 2.15.0 - Make matching in the database case insensitive ( - Remove accents for “input_phrase” when learning from a text file ( - Make matching in dictionaries case insensitive (Resolves: - Cleanup user database when Typing Booster starts (Resolves: Also use the sqlite3 “VACUUM” command to rebuild the database file, repacking it into a minimal amount of disk space - Add, command line tool to display some information about the database contents - Use python3-pycountry as a fallback to langtable (Resolves: - Add “Recommends: python3-regex” to use better regexpressions if available * Wed Sep 29 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.14.13-1 - Update to 2.14.13 - Skip emoji tests which rely on the enchant results if enchants results change (Resolves: - Make it possible to remove unwanted compose sequences by using an empty replacement text (Resolves: - The 🏴‍☠️ “pirate flag” needs a U+FE0F after the final character to be fully qualified - Update data files for Unicode 14.0.0 * Tue Sep 14 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.14.12-1 - Update to 2.14.12 - Add some extra logging for the emoji tests - Add 'G-_' to 'G- ' as exceptions which must not trigger commits but insert into the preedit (Resolves: - Resolves: rhbz#2002199 - Update emoji annotations from CLDR * Thu Sep 02 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.14.10-1 - Update to 2.14.10 - Fix “Inconsistency when typing digits in Compose” (Resolves: - Fix “Toggling input mode on/off does not work when a compose sequence is in progress” (Resolves: - Toggling input mode off should not throw away the current input (Resolves: * Mon Aug 30 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.14.8-1 - Update to 2.14.8 - Translation update from Weblate (ca, es, it updated) - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Add IBus.KEY_KP_Decimal and IBus.KEY_period as a normal/keypad equivalence pair - get_string_from_lookup_table_cursor_pos() should return the string in NFC (Resolves: - If an exception happens when trying to play a sound, catch it. - Change default input method for pa from “pa-inscript2” to “pa-inscript2-guru” - Make appearance tab narrower if possible (helps especially for the French translations) (Resolves: - Spellchecking the preëdit should only spellcheck the part of the preedit which is a word (Resolves: * Sun Aug 22 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.14.4-1 - Update to 2.14.4 - Translation update from Weblate (de, nl, sv, tr, uk updated to 100%) - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Treat typing space within a preedit similar to typing Return within a preedit (Resolves: - When a key triggers a commit while no candidate is selected, the cursor should **always** be corrected leftwards (Resolves: - When committing with Return inside a preedit, database recording and pushed context is wrong (Resolves: - Fix a typo which caused “\n” to be committed where “\t” should have been committed. - Remove spaces in lookup representation of compose completions - If a keypad key makes compose sequence invalid, try sequence with regular keys instead (And the other way round) (Resolves: - Make typing Return or KP_Enter inside a preedit more reliable (Resolves: - Show input method icons in the setup tool if an icon is available (Resolves: - Rename option “Arrow keys can reopen a preedit” to “Enable reopening preedits” (Resolves: * Thu Aug 12 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.14.0-2 - Add “ExcludeArch: ppc64 s390x” for koji to the .spec file * Thu Aug 12 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.14.0-1 - Update to 2.14.0 - Translation update from Weblate (de, nl, pl, sv, tr, uk updated to 100%) - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Improve code to determine the default dictionaries and input methods for the current locale (Resolves: - Improve behaviour of key combinations which normally select text when a preëdit is open (Resolves: - Show possible compose completions on request (Resolves: - When setting self._input_mode to False (direct input), set self._hide_input to False as well - Never mix context from surrounding text with remembered context (Resolves: - Rename the option “Use a workaround for a bug in Qt im module” to “Avoid using the forward_key_event() function” (Resolves: - Handle End, Home, KP_End, KP_Home also as commit trigger keys. For normal preedits *and* for compose preedits. (Resolves: - Improve typing space or Tab when the cursor is not at the end of the preedit (Resolves: - Completly new implementation of reopening the preedit on arrow-keys, BackSpace and Delete. Should be much more reliable. (Resolves: - Special handling of Left and BackSpace when a candidate is manually selected (Resolves: * Tue Aug 03 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.13.1-1 - Update to 2.13.1 - Translation update from Weblate (de, nl, pl, tr, uk updated to 100%) - Don’t skip reopening a preëdit when NumLock is on (Resolves: - Make searching for the “Others” input methods possible in the language of the current locale (Resolves: - Don’t loop over the missing dictionaries when installing, install all in one go (Resolves: - When adding an input method, searching for localized language names, endonyms, and English language names should work (Resolves: - When adding a dictionary, searching for the language endonym should always work (Resolves: * Sat Jul 31 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.13.0-1 - Update to 2.13.0 - Translation update from Weblate (de, tr, uk updated to 100%) - Use colour for the compose part of preedit (Resolves: Use colour for the compose part of preedit) - When a compose sequence becomes invalid, don’t throw it away (Resolves: - Cancelling a compose sequence should not beep (Resolves: - Don’t spell check the preedit while a compose sequence is in progress (Resolves: * Wed Jul 28 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.12.1-1 - Update to 2.12.1 - Starting a compose sequence while a candidate is selected should append to the selection (Resolves: - Translation update from Weblate (de, nl, pl, tr, uk all updated to 100%) - Fix typo in translatable message (Thanks to Yuri Chornoivan) - Add a few more combining chars for dead keys to the list (Thanks to Matthias Clasen) - Reduce grid row spacing from 10 to 5 in the setup tool * Tue Jul 27 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.12.0-1 - Use the dead keys added recently to ibus as soon as they become available by an ibus update (see: - Make Compose preedit less intrusive, show compose key only in the middle of the sequence or when it is the only key so far - Use · U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT instead of ⎄ U+2384 COMPOSITION SYMBOL to display Multi_key in pre-edit. - Add an option to play a sound on error (for example invalid compose sequence) - Don’t include the system compose files unconditionally if a user compose file exists (Resolves: - Add option to choose whether to start up in direct input mode (Resolves: - Change default input methods for Indian locales to inscript2 * Mon Jul 26 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.11.5-3 - Fix license tag * Thu Jul 08 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.11.5-2 - Resolves: rhbz#1978361 (<module>:ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'packaging') * Mon Jun 21 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.11.5-1 - Update to 2.11.5 - Resolves: rhbz#1970626 Ensure enum.Flag's obj._value_ is an integer Thanks to Miro Hrončok! - Use version.parse from packaging instead of LooseVersion from distutils.version (To fix a deprecation warning, see: - Update py-compile to the version from automake-1.16 (To fix DeprecationWarning: the imp module is deprecated in favour of importlib and slated for removal in Python 3.12;) * Thu Apr 29 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.11.4-1 - Update to 2.11.4 - In “import factory” only when the --xml option is not used Resolves: rhbz#1711646 - Limit the “capitalize” case mode used in auto-capitalization to the first index in a string Resolves: * Wed Apr 21 2021 Takao Fujiwara <> - 2.11.2-4 - Resolves: #1948197 Change post to posttrans * Mon Apr 19 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.11.2-3 - Remove post and postun (Related: rhbz#1948197) * Sun Mar 14 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.11.2-1 - Update to 2.11.2 - Improve the handling of typing digits into the preedit Resolves: - Make the keybindings treeview also sortable by clicking the column headers - Make custom shortcut treeview sortable by clicking on the column headers - Resolves: - Don’t use surrounding text if InputPurpose.TERMINAL is set * Thu Mar 11 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.11.0-1 - Update to 2.11.0 - Use sensitivity feature of buttons in the setup tool tab where shortcuts are defined - Don’t let dialog action area of setup tool expand. - Improve the setup tool to make it possible to enter multi-line expansions of shortcuts - Resolves - Elide extremely long candidates in the lookup table in the middle. - If a candidate contains newlines, replace the newlines with arrows in the lookup table. - If a commit string contains new-lines, commit it in several chunks and forward Return between the chunks. - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Put the remote icon back in emoji-picker.appdata.xml, it was a false positive by appstreamcli - Translation update from Weblate (pt_PT updated, 100% complete now) - Skip the inscript2 test cases if these transliterations are not available. * Mon Feb 22 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.5-3 - Remove gnome-desktop-testing and ibus-desktop-testing from the requires of the ibus-typing-booster-tests subpackage * Fri Feb 19 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.5-2 - Use the voikko build requires only for Fedora. They are only needed to run the voikko test cases during build. * Wed Feb 17 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.5-1 - Update to 2.10.5 - Run the voikko tests only for libvoikko version >= 4.3 - Adapt voikko test cases to the newest voikko version libvoikko-4.3-3, python3-libvoikko-4.3-3, voikko-fi-2.4-3 - Log a warning when language is “fi” and “import libvoikko” failed - Return an empty list [] in spellcheck_suggest_voikko() when libvoikko was not imported - Update emoji annotations from CLDR, switching “no” and “nb” See: - Remove icon in emoji-picker.appdata.xml (to avoid warnings from appstream-util and appstreamcli). * Wed Feb 17 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.4-2 - Use “BuildRequires: appstream” only on Fedora * Tue Feb 02 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.4-1 - Update to 2.10.4 - Use “from unittest import mock” instead of just “import mock”. - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Translation update from Weblate for zh_CN (still 100% complete) * Tue Jan 26 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.10.3-2 - Rebuilt for * Sun Jan 24 2021 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.3-1 - Update to 2.10.3 - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Translation update from Weblate for ja, zh_CN (zh_CN is 100% complete now) * Thu Dec 17 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.2-1 - Update to 2.10.2 - Add vi-telex to the default input methods for vi_VN locale - Enable Unicode 13.1 Emoji in emoji-picker by default - Update emoji data to Unicode 13.1 - Translation update from Weblate for zh_CN * Tue Nov 10 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.1-1 - Update to 2.10.1 - Use IBus.InputHints.{UPPERCASE_CHARS,UPPERCASE_WORDS,LOWERCASE} - Add utility to manually test input purpose and input - Improve handling of input purpose and input hints - Add compatibility enum classes InputPurpose and InputHints - Add type hints - Change default for emoji_unicode_min to 0.0 (fixes emoji omitted from browsing in emoji-picker) * Mon Oct 19 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.10.0-1 - Update to 2.10.0 - Add option to automatically capitalize after punctuation (Resolves: - Don't record in user database when stripped_input_phrase or stripped_commit_phrase are emty - When interactively deleting a candidate from the user database, remove all case modes - Add 4 more characters ÞĦŊŦ to get special treatment in remove_accents() - Translation updates from Weblate for ca, es, fr, it, ja, nl, sv * Thu Oct 08 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.9-1 - Update to 2.9.9 - Fix typo in variable name in do_reset() - KP_Delete should be handled the same way as Delete - Translation update form Weblate for de, he, pl, tr, uk * Tue Oct 06 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.8-1 - Update to 2.9.8 - Prevent also Delete from reopening a preedit when the option “Arrow keys can reopen a preedit” is off - When the input is empty, Escape should be passed through, not inserted into the preedit - Fix itb_util.tokenize(): if the input is only whitespace, the return should be an empty list - Don’t clear context after typing Return, KP_Enter, ISO_Enter - Improve behaviour of case modes - Update emoji annotations from CLDR * Mon Sep 07 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.7-1 - Update to 2.9.7 - Add commands “next_case_mode” and “previous_case_mode” with configurable key bindings - Better hot key handling for modifier keys like Shift_L, … - Use labels 1, 2, 3, … for the lookup table instead of 1., 2., 3., … - Update emoji annotations from CLDR * Thu Aug 27 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.6-1 - Update to 2.9.6 - Make translations of 'Edit key bindings for command “%s”' work - Don't hide emoji-picker.desktop from AppStream (by Gunnar Hjalmarsson) - Translation update from Weblate for pt_BR, sv (100%) * Wed Aug 05 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.5-1 - Update to 2.9.5 - Treat characters 'ÅåÄäÖö' as special when matching in the Swedish dictionary (Resolves: http :// - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - AppStream tweaks by Gunnar Hjalmarsson - Translation update from Weblate for ca, de, es, sv * Tue Jul 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.9.4-4 - Rebuilt for * Thu Jul 16 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.4-2 - Fix build on rawhide and f31 * Tue Jul 14 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.4-1 - Update to 2.9.4 - Add emoji-picker.appdata.xml - Fix warnings and errors in typing-booster.appdata.xml - Update emoji annotations from CLDR - Support %S expansion in include statements in compose files - Translation update from Weblate for fr, he, hu, zh_CN * Mon Jul 13 2020 Tom Stellard <> - 2.9.3-2 - Use make macros - * Mon Jun 22 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.3-1 - Update to 2.9.3 - Translation updates from Weblate for he - Fix wrong indentation of push_context() in _commit_string() * Mon Jun 08 2020 Mike FABIAN <> - 2.9.2-1 - Update to 2.9.2 - Translation updates from Weblate for es - Ignore invalid compose sequences when reading compose files - Update emoji annotations from CLDR