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Package Namecolin
SummaryTool to check generic rules/best-practices for containers/images/dockerfiles.
Description`colin` is a tool to check generic rules/best-practices for containers/images/dockerfiles
Built bypackit
State complete
Volume prod
StartedMon, 14 Mar 2022 20:19:29 UTC
CompletedMon, 14 Mar 2022 20:21:52 UTC
Taskbuild (f34-candidate, /rpms/colin.git:6eeceda1cc418c79d402ae8f14ebdb0a4ec166bb)
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Changelog * Mon Mar 14 2022 Packit Service <> - 0.5.3-1 - Add additional global location of rulesets for default installation from PyPI - Run tests in upstream on the Testing Farm via Packit - Few code-style changes suggested by Sourcery * Thu Jan 13 2022 Packit Service <> - 0.5.2-1 - The global location of rulesests is now correctly found. * Fri Mar 12 2021 Packit Service <> - 0.5.0-1 - Prepare release 0.5.0 (Frantisek Lachman) - Add workflow for uploading release to PyPI (Frantisek Lachman) - [] pre-commit autoupdate (pre-commit-ci[bot]) - [] pre-commit autoupdate (pre-commit-ci[bot]) - Remove support for ostree format (Lukas Slebodnik) - [] pre-commit autoupdate (pre-commit-ci[bot]) - [] pre-commit autoupdate (pre-commit-ci[bot]) - [] pre-commit autoupdate (pre-commit-ci[bot]) - [] pre-commit autoupdate (pre-commit-ci[bot]) - [] pre-commit autoupdate (pre-commit-ci[bot]) - Remove unused argument 'fg' (Lukas Slebodnik) - Drop unused test test_colin_image (Lukas Slebodnik) - Add rebase check to pre-commit as pre-push hook (Matej Focko) - [] pre-commit autoupdate (pre-commit-ci[bot]) - Replace old string formating with fstring where flynt can't (Frantisek Lachman) - Do not template strings when logging (Frantisek Lachman) - Use flynt to change old formating to the new one (Frantisek Lachman) - Turn of rebase-check for now (Frantisek Lachman) - Fix mypy problems (Frantisek Lachman) - Fix flake8 problems (Frantisek Lachman) - Reformat using pre-commit (Frantisek Lachman) - Add pre-commit config (Frantisek Lachman) - Use for iamge tests before dropping support for ostree (Lukas Slebodnik) - Add the umoci utility for unit tests (Lukas Slebodnik) - Add tests for oci support (Lukas Slebodnik) - Add support for for scanning images in OCI format (Lukas Slebodnik) - Use packit aliases (Frantisek Lachman) - Fix to reflect correct CLI args (Rose Judge) - Add function to convert results to an xunit xml file (#239) (Wheeler Law) - Fix tests execution on older kernel (Lukas Slebodnik) - Fix expected string in test_check_command (Lukas Slebodnik) - check_runner: Allow to overwrite timeout in result_set (Lukas Slebodnik) - Update Trove classifiers (Hugo van Kemenade) - Python 3.6 is the minimum (Hugo van Kemenade) - Add python_requires to help pip (Hugo van Kemenade) - Add smoke test for testing farm (Frantisek Lachman) - Update jobs in packit config (Frantisek Lachman) - Add Developer Certificate of Origin (Laura Barcziova) - Fix README and to be able to upload to PyPI (Jiri Popelka) * Tue Jan 26 2021 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.3.1-11 - Rebuilt for * Mon Jul 27 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.3.1-10 - Rebuilt for * Tue May 26 2020 Miro HronĨok <> - 0.3.1-9 - Rebuilt for Python 3.9