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Package Nameconvert2rhel
SummaryAutomates the conversion of RHEL derivative distributions to RHEL
DescriptionThe purpose of the convert2rhel tool is to provide an automated way of converting the installed other-than-RHEL OS distribution to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The tool replaces all the original OS-signed packages with the RHEL ones. Available are conversions of CentOS 6/7 and Oracle Linux 6/7 to the respective major version of RHEL.
Built bymbocek
State complete
Volume prod
StartedFri, 13 Nov 2020 12:08:43 UTC
CompletedFri, 13 Nov 2020 12:09:55 UTC
Taskbuild (el6-candidate, /rpms/convert2rhel.git:9027893908ecf0d3d3827c87c6664327dee3e361)
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Changelog * Fri Nov 13 2020 Michal Bocek <> 0.13-1 - allow conversions of CentOS and Oracle Linux 8 - fix "TypeError: execve()" py2.6-related error when calling external commands - remove unused code related to using offline snapshot or RHEL repositories - remove all Red Hat Network (RHN)-related code as RHN has been shut down - set POSIX/C locale at the start of running the tool - remove python-syspurpose dependency from spec - not available on OL 7 and 8 - not renaming the original system repofiles anymore - replace the word blacklist with exclude/excluded - clearing yum versionlock that could cause the conversion to fail - printing rpm files that were modified during the conversion - minor UX improvements and test infrastructure improvements * Wed Aug 19 2020 Michal Bocek <> 0.12-1 - require --enablerepo with --disable-submgr - fix failing conversions if gpgcheck=1 not in used custom repos - always logging debug info to the log file - unnecessary backup of kernel packages is not being performed - add missing python-setuptools dependency on RHEL 6 to a spec file - unregister from RHN Classic if in use - change a temporary folder path from /tmp/convert2rhel/ to /var/lib/convert2rhel - add the ability to specify custom RHSM URL - unsubscribe from RHSM during a rollback - drop the support for conversions of RHEL 5 - make sure that RHEL kernel has been installed correctly during the conversion - fix parsing RHSM output due to its change in RHEL 7.8 - fix stopping the convert2rhel execution when not running as root - the convert2rhel.log file is not being overwritten but appended - do not traceback when intentionally stopping the conversion - do not ask for subscription SKU pool IDs when activation key is used * Tue May 12 2020 Michal Bocek <> 0.11-1 - updated license in spec files from GPLv3 to GPLv3+ - set up automated pylint and unit test coverage checks in GitHub - removed packit smoke test - fixed packit configuration for downstream release proposals * Wed May 06 2020 Michal Bocek <> 0.10-1 - fixed rpm dependencies - blacklisted kmod-kvdo causing a transaction failure on CentOS 7 - convert2rhel exits with 0 on a help message - added packit configuration for Copr builds and unit testing on a PR * Fri Dec 13 2019 Michal Bocek <> 0.9-1 - basic rollback capability up to the point before replacing all pkgs - added basic system tests running on CentOS 5/6/7 Vagrant boxes - unit tests can be run now in CentOS 5/6/7 Docker images - improved handling of kernel installation corner cases - added possibility to upgrade i386 OL5 - added --debug option - license changed from GPLv2 to GPLv3 - autogenerating manpage - collecting output of 'rpm -Va' before the conversion - added possibility to use custom repositories instead of RHSM - removed bundled rpms and repomapping for the public release * Fri Nov 10 2017 Michal Bocek <> 0.8-1 - added support for conversion from CentOS/OL 5 to RHEL 5 - the oldest supported version is CentOS/OL 5.6 * Fri Mar 31 2017 Michal Bocek <> 0.7-1 - remove shebang from all the python scripts - update spec to create arch specific rpms - move all the tool data into /usr/share/convert2rhel/ - remove ppc64 RHEL 6 data - CentOS 6 and OL 6 were not released for this arch - create new SystemReleaseFile class for handling /etc/system-release - do not print traceback on keyboard interrupt - move initializing Red Hat GPG key fingerprint variable from main to - update configs to add centos-release* to blacklist * Wed Jul 20 2016 Michal Bocek <> 0.6-1 - Code refactored and split into new files - Added support for CentOS/OL 6 to RHEL 6 conversion - Created 'framework' for unit tests - Added logging to a file * Wed Jun 15 2016 Michal Bocek <> 0.5-1 - The tool renamed to convert2rhel. - All the original kernels are removed during the conversion now. - Added man page. - EULA needs to be accepted before the conversion. - Packages are filtered per signature, not per vendor. - Added support for conversions from Oracle Linux 7 to RHEL 7. - Added support for --auto-attach, --activationkey and --org subscription-manager arguments. * Mon May 09 2016 Michal Bocek <> 0.4-1 - Added both interactive and cmd line option for choosing RHEL variant. - Added autodetection of platform architecture. - Implemented handling of unsuccessful subscription attachment. - Added a config file for each supported distribution. - Added possibility to blacklist conflicting pkgs. * Thu Apr 28 2016 Michal Bocek <> 0.3-1 - Added determining appropriate RHEL repository to use for upgrade. * Mon Apr 25 2016 Michal Bocek <> 0.2-1 - Added dark matrix data * Tue Apr 19 2016 Michal Bocek <> 0.1-1 - Initial RPM release