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Information for build mariadb-10.3-2920191103105116.6c81f848

Package Namemariadb
Built bymschorm
State complete
Volume fedora_koji_archive04
StartedSun, 03 Nov 2019 10:52:06 UTC
CompletedSun, 03 Nov 2019 12:37:50 UTC
Extra{'typeinfo': {'module': {'content_koji_tag': 'module-mariadb-10.3-2920191103105116-6c81f848', 'context': '6c81f848', 'module_build_service_id': 6970, 'modulemd_str': "---\ndocument: modulemd\nversion: 2\ndata:\n name: mariadb\n stream: 10.3\n version: 2920191103105116\n context: 6c81f848\n summary: 'MariaDB: a very fast and robust SQL database server'\n description: >-\n MariaDB is a community developed branch of MySQL. MariaDB is a multi-user, multi-threaded\n SQL database server. It is a client/server implementation consisting of a server\n daemon (mysqld) and many different client programs and libraries. The base package\n contains the standard MariaDB/MySQL client programs and generic MySQL files.\n license:\n module:\n - MIT\n xmd:\n mbs:\n buildrequires:\n platform:\n context: 00000000\n filtered_rpms: []\n koji_tag: module-f29-build\n ref: f29\n stream: f29\n stream_collision_modules: \n ursine_rpms: \n version: 5\n commit: 75f9263619d186de14bdefc2d11222bfeeb741b1\n mse: TRUE\n rpms:\n galera:\n ref: e40cfe28809fb91cff7323b2a9a3bec99816a0a2\n mariadb:\n ref: f7802f9b05122ed91777a8c74c85603bea4c37ac\n scmurl:\n dependencies:\n - buildrequires:\n platform: [f29]\n requires:\n platform: [f29]\n profiles:\n client:\n description: Client.\n rpms:\n - mariadb\n devel:\n description: Devel package.\n rpms:\n - mariadb-devel\n galera:\n description: Server plus replication engine.\n rpms:\n - galera\n - mariadb-server\n - mariadb-server-galera\n server:\n description: Base server.\n rpms:\n - mariadb-server\n api:\n rpms:\n - mariadb\n - mariadb-server\n buildopts:\n rpms:\n macros: >\n %runselftest 0\n\n %ignore_testsuite_result 1\n components:\n rpms:\n galera:\n rationale: Galera package for replication.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: mariadb-10.3\n arches: [aarch64, armv7hl, i686, ppc64le, s390x, x86_64]\n mariadb:\n rationale: The main component.\n repository: git+\n cache:\n ref: 10.3\n arches: [aarch64, armv7hl, i686, ppc64le, s390x, x86_64]\n...\n", 'name': 'mariadb', 'stream': '10.3', 'version': '2920191103105116'}}}
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